About cuRÉted VINTAGE

For as long as I can remember, my mothers closet has always been one of my favourite places to explore. Her style was always very au courant, and inherently her own.


cuRÉted VINTAGE is all about finding that inherent style. Those pieces that make you feel incredible whenever you wear them. The pieces that make people stop and ask "where did you get that?!"

I only source items that I love. Each one feels like an extension of my heart and love of fashion. Vintage pieces not only have a story to tell, but they become part of YOUR story. Fashion is cyclical, and vintage clothing and accessories are a great way to extend the life cycle of amazing items. Whether you wear vintage head-to-toe, or are new to the vintage game, I hope you'll find something you love as much as I do.


-xo Ré

St. Vincent & the Grenadines; circa 1974



This woman cultivated style all her own.

Everything was hand made with love and care.

Each piece was an extension of her personality.

This woman is my mother. She is the inspiration behind cuRÉted VINTAGE